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Expand Your Brand in Singapore with Murano

Your Bespoke Solution to Singapore market

Why partner with us?

As Murano, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for brands looking to expand their footprint in Singapore. Our expertise in navigating the local market, combined with a robust network of resellers and dealers, allows us to offer brands unparalleled access and visibility. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within Singapore and are committed to providing comprehensive support to ensure the success of our partners. Joining us means leveraging our market insights, marketing prowess, and distribution capabilities to grow your brand in one of Asia's most dynamic markets.

How Your Brand Will Benefit

  • Expert Market Insights

    Leveraging deep understanding of the Singapore market to strategically position your brand for growth.

  • Integrated Marketing Support

    Offering comprehensive marketing strategies that include digital, social media, and event marketing to enhance brand visibility.

  • Established Distribution Network

    Access to a well-established network of resellers and dealers that can ensure your products reach a wide audience across Singapore.

  • Customised Partnership Approaches

    Tailoring partnership models to fit your brand's unique needs and goals, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Dedicated Support Team

    Providing a dedicated team focused on the success of your brand, offering support from onboarding to sales strategies and after-sales service.

Our Retail partners

Having established a strong foothold in the local market for over 15 years, Murano has successfully cultivated an expansive network of both online and offline stores and partners. This robust network enables us to offer our brands unparalleled penetration across Singapore.

Electronic Chain Stores

Duty Free & in-Flight Stores

Mobile & Telco

Speciality Stores

Camera Stores

Department Stores

Market Places


Since its inception in 2009, MURANO has been driven by a singular mission: to cultivate and promote distinctive brands with innovative and cost-effective strategies.

Our focus is on marketing brands that not only stand out but truly resonate with people, making a tangible difference in their lives.

MURANO introduces brands and products characterized by their reliability, strong brand equity, and a deep commitment to consumer-centric values.

Our approach goes beyond mere functionality; we aim to echo the desires and needs of consumers in each market, striving to exceed expectations and satisfy both the essential and the aspirational.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of brands is Murano interested in partnering with?

We welcome brands that are committed to innovation, reliability, and strong consumer values. Your brand will join a curated selection of products that stand out for their quality, brand equity, and ability to resonate deeply with consumers, making a tangible difference in their lives.

Can Murano assist with local compliance and regulatory requirements for entering the Singapore market?

Yes, as a partner like Murano, with extensive experience in the Singapore market, we offer guidance or support services in navigating local compliance and regulatory frameworks to ensure a smooth market entry.

What is the typical duration from initiation of partnership to market launch in Singapore?

The timeline for market entry can vary significantly depending on various factors, including product type, regulatory approvals, and market readiness.

Murano, with its established network and market expertise, might streamline this process, but specific timelines would depend on the individual circumstances of each brand.

How does Murano measure and report the success of its brand partnerships?

Brands are keen to understand the metrics of success and how progress will be communicated. While the original content does not detail this, potential partners would likely be interested in Murano's approach to performance tracking, reporting frequency, and the types of metrics used (e.g., sales growth, market penetration, brand awareness) to gauge the success of the partnership.

How does Murano address the challenges of entering the Singapore market for new brands?

Your brand will benefit from Murano's comprehensive support, including market insights, marketing expertise, and distribution capabilities, tailored to navigate the unique challenges and leverage the opportunities in the Singapore market. This strategic approach ensures a smooth market entry and the long-term success of your brand.

What kind of support and services can I expect from Murano as a partner brand?

You will receive tailored marketing strategies, distribution services, and ongoing support designed to meet your brand's unique needs. Murano's commitment to your success includes leveraging our deep market knowledge and robust distribution network to achieve your brand's growth objectives in Singapore.

How can I initiate a partnership with Murano for my brand?

To explore a partnership with Murano and expand your brand in Singapore, reach out to MURANO Pte Ltd directly. We are eager to discuss how your brand can benefit from our innovative strategies and extensive market network, paving the way for your success in the Singapore market.